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Ministry of Money

Managing money through several committees
The vestry has primary responsibility for the stewardship of the gifts coming from our members. This is taken quite seriously and handled  with recognized accounting procedures and followed  with audits in accordance with prudent financial practices. Bill Powell is the accounting warden. Brennan and Associates manage our financial records.

The Stewardship Committee is responsible for stewardship education within the parish as well as canvassing the members for pledges to the annual operating budget. Biblical stewardship is practiced at St. Mary’s and recognizes our need to respond to God’s generosity by returning our time, talent and treasure in thanksgiving. The Stewardship Committee plans and carries out the annual canvass. Bill Powell chairs the committee.

The Finance Committee works with staff to oversee the day-to-day finances. They examine the financial details on behalf of the vestry. The committee examines a monthly statement of finances and examines financial practices and questions that arise during the interval between vestry meetings. The committee prepares the annual budget and arranges for the annual financial audit. Their work is presented to vestry for approval.John Krick chairs this committee.

The Capital Campaign Committee raises funds for major needs of the parish. There have been two capital campaigns within the last several years to raise funds to replace the church roof and replace windows within the sanctuary. Almost a million dollars has been raised. John Krick, Peter and Georgette Phillips have collaborated to run the latest campaign

The Planned Giving Committee works with members to plan wills and trusts for St. Mary’s future. Our present endowment is the direct result of members’ naming St. Mary’s in their estate planning. The committee also works with local charities who donate to worthwhile church building and program efforts such as ours. Bill Powell and May Pritchard chair this committee